We offer the full range of electoral and registration products, from poll cards, postal voting packs and ballot papers to individual electoral registration forms and household documents.

Elections require absolute accuracy and guaranteed delivery to meet legislative requirements. Our products and services are designed specifically to deliver both as a priority.  Sample packs are available on request.

Ballot Papers

Produced with an election specific official mark to safeguard the integrity of the product and ensure compliance with current Electoral Commission guidelines. We produce these to any length, and they can be printed on a variety of colours, enabling you to choose a different colour for each of the elections taking place, avoiding confusion for your elector and administrative staff alike.

These are supplied in our unique ballot box dispenser system, each box is labelled with specific information relating to election title, ward, ballot number range contained (also indicated are the usage and polling station).

The boxes are then strapped together by polling station (including tendered ballots if requested) and palletised to facilitate a quick dispersal once delivered to you.

Poll Cards

Legislatively and Royal Mail compliant, Poll cards give the elector information regarding an upcoming election or referendum such as the date and type of election, the location and opening times of the polling station (with or without the optional map) and the type of vote you are currently registered for – Proxy, Proxy Postal, Postal or Polling station.

As part of our commitment to meeting the high expectations of our clients, our ISO27001 accreditation ensures that we not only meet but exceed the requirements of GDPR. This includes our proofing procedure which uses encryption to ensure confidentiality at all stages of the process.


Postal Voting Pack

Postal voting is voting in an election whereby ballot papers are distributed to electors and returned by post. Postal votes must be returned and received by the respective council prior to the close of polls on election day, it may also be used as an absentee ballot.

Our postal voting pack contains the prescribed suite of items, the postal voting statement is attached to Envelope A (which is printed with the elector number and election details), an instruction sheet and envelope B (return envelope) are also enclosed.

The way we produce the packs means that a lot of the work can be done pre-close of nominations as the packs are created and held ready for loading with ballot paper(s), this is particularly useful for your overseas electorate which can be prioritised for early despatch.

Electoral Registration & Canvass

Each year the Electoral Registration Officer must undertake the task of an Annual Canvass, normally performed between July and November to facilitate the annual update of the electoral register on 1st December.


This requires an initial mailing of a Household Enquiry Form, requesting confirmation of the electors and attainers at a specific address. Subject to non-return of the initial form, a 1st reminder form will be issued. Finally, should neither of the two previous forms be returned, a “door knock” often combined with the delivery of the 2nd reminder letter. These are stipulated steps that must be undertaken for each household within a council area.

We will work with you to ensure that your prescribed materials are produced to a high standard, within Electoral Commission guidelines and despatched when requested to ensure that your electorate get the service you would expect. This can include weekly despatching of ITR forms during the busy canvass period.