Our dedicated Electoral Services team have extensive knowledge and experience in delivering electoral materials.

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Christie, Anne, Elizabeth and Joe

Elizabeth Bowerman   Senior Account Manager

Current Responsibilities and Experience: Elizabeth is responsible for leading the electoral team within Stephen Austin. Supporting the Account Managers from an operational perspective. Based both in the office and client facing, Elizabeth is on hand to receive a brief, confirm proofing arrangements and provide progress reports throughout the cycle of a project. With extensive knowledge acquired over 30 years in direct and transactional mail services for local authority, national and global clients. Elizabeth ensures that all projects are not only security focussed and compliant to ISO27001 and ISO9001 but also meet the requirements of GDPR. In order to have more of an insight into the Electoral Services, Elizabeth has completed the AEA Foundation course and is waiting to join the next cohort on the AEA Certificate Course.

Christie Wilkinson   Account Manager

Current Responsibilities and Experience: Christie joined Stephen Austin in the weeks leading up to the General Election in 2017. Gaining immediate hands-on knowledge of elections, working alongside one of our experienced elections colleagues. Offering flexibility and having a can-do approach combined with an aptitude for learning and sharing her knowledge with other team members, Christie is a strong member of the elections team. As part of her ongoing development plan, Christie has recently completed the AEA Foundation course.

Joe Moorley   Operations Manager

Current Responsibilities and Experience: Joe is responsible for the data integration into client specific templates. Using software to ensure legislative compliance, outputting proofs and supporting the digital operation with Stephen Austin. Joe’s in-depth knowledge of the electoral environment, legislation, processes and products ensuring Stephen Austin deliver quality, accurate products, on time and in full. With over 20 years’ experience working within the electoral environment, Joe as Operational Manager has a plethora of responsibilities including managing data, proofing, printing and despatch. Ensuring that whatever product exits our building, it is legislatively compliant. Joe’s experience began as part of the team which transitioned from Document Technology Ltd (DTL) in 2012 following the acquisition by Stephen Austin Group. Working alongside DTL’s founder, Joe had operational responsibility and oversaw the developing of software to meet electoral and canvass prescribed requirements.

Anne James   Systems and Compliance Manager

Anne Joined Stephen Austin in September 2015, tasked with managing our existing Quality and Environmental standards and with the implementation of new standards into the business, to include Information Security, Anti-Bribery and Business Continuity. Anne specialises in security standards, having spent several years working within the security sector as a Quality and Standards Manager. Anne is also experienced in systems blueprinting and process mapping. Anne is responsible for all compliance related matters at Stephen Austin.


David Cockram   Managing Director

David joined Stephen Austin & Sons in Sept 2015 initially as Client Service Director, before taking on the role of Commercial Director in March 2017. He became Managing Director in January 2019 having developed an excellent understanding of our business and strong relationships with our clients. Prior to joining Stephen Austin, David had acquired a broad range of experience within the commercial world;  having led Sales, Service Engineer, Development and Customer Service teams across Europe, Asia and North America. David’s primary role is to focus on the further development and execution of our overall business strategy, working closely with the CEO and members of the Senior Management Team.

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