Our Customer Service Excellence award

Our Customer Service Excellence award

We are delighted that Stephen Austin has been awarded the Standard for ‘Customer Service Excellence’.
To achieve such an award is a seal of approval and confirmation that what we do is in the interests of our customers first and foremost.     At Stephen Austin, we endeavour to treat our customers fairly, delivering our services on time, providing clear information and demonstrating a professional outlook from the inside outwards.

The Customer Service Excellence Standard is a great achievement for our company, and an award which every member of our staff can justifiably be proud.

The Standard is backed and endorsed by the UK Cabinet office. CSE is an independent accreditation of the quality and standard of customer care. CSE covers all aspects of our engagement with our customers; from front-line and face-to-face support, to account management and communication and how we engage with customers in developing our services and strategy. We will be using the Standard as a driver for continual improvement.

We were assessed against 5 key areas:

• Customer Insight
• The culture of the organisation
• Information and Access
• Delivery
• Timeliness and Quality of Services

The Assessor reported:
‘The Assessor was extremely impressed by the commitment to putting the customer at the heart of everything that Stephen Austin did, and this was reinforced by the sanguine comments made by customers to the Assessor during the assessment ‘.

‘The organisation’s attention to detail cannot be faulted and exactitude was always strived for in relation to continually meeting the clients’ bespoke needs. Staff spoken to during the assessment were totally committed to pleasing their clients and appeared to be highly motivated in relation to their roles’.

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