We use up to date technologies and equipment, supported by the latest security features, to ensure the integrity of your products.

Accuracy is essential: the right names, locations and quantities. We appreciate that every item is unique – from a personalised individual invitation to register to a numbered ballot paper – and believe that it’s vital to correctly apply your data to the pre-agreed templates to achieve flawless, high quality printed products.

When it comes to extracting and processing data, our staff are meticulous in their approach. We work with all the major Electoral Management System providers and we share best practice with our local authority clients to support the accurate extraction of data from their in-house systems. We do not just process the files, supplied, but strive to validate the data provided, questioning any apparent anomalies to avoid delays and eliminate errors.

No-fail delivery is essential and is also one of the principles that the Stephen Austin Business is built on. Our dedicated and experienced team understand the demands of the election market; they respond accordingly and offer flexibility, enabling us to move to 24-hour operations during peak periods.

As best practice demands, we also have a robust Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plan in place should the need arise to use it.